Discreet Confidential Psychological   
                      Services L.L.C.        (906) 486-6860
At Discreet Confidential Psychological Services L.L.C., you receive superior  service in a safe, supportive, and relaxed setting.   

Psychologist Dr. Duquette will work with you to improve your situation and achieve personal empowerment through psychological growth.

Your privacy is important.  DCPS is conveniently located in Ishpeming  for extra privacy.  Parking is near two other places of business, so you blend in.  You also have the option of paying out of pocket rather than with insurance, which provides you with the ultimate control over your personal disclosures.

Specialties include but are not limited to:
*Anxiety & DepressionTreatment, help, and hope.    

*Stress/Burnout -Work and home stress, caregiver stress, care for those in mental,                             spiritual, &  physical health fields with secondary trauma/burnout.   

*Relationship Issues-What's missing?  Is it over... or get over it?  How to connect.

*Psychological Testing- Specializing in ADHD Assessment for both adults and youth.

*Personal Growth- Self-esteem, empowerment, embracing change, goal setting &                              achievement.

*Holistic Approach- Healthy lifestyle choices to improve and strengthen your mental                             health.
  Dr. Karen Duquette is a  
  Michigan Fully Licensed
  Psychologist at the  
  Doctoral level. 

   Sessions are held at the   
   office, by appointment, 
   and last approximately 
   one hour.

   Co-pay due at time of
   service, by cash/credit
   card/debit card.  

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